The proposal made by the Committee for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture (CIFAA) ad hoc Working Group on Aquaculture for the establishment of the Aquaculture Network for Africa (ANAF), a “NACA-Like” network for Africa, has been endorsed by the CIFAA, during its 14th Session held Accra, Ghana from 22-24 November 2006. Therefore it was decided to support this new network by the parallel development of a Regional Aquaculture Information System, the ANAF Web site in order to respond to (a) the increasing need to develop a regional system facilitating the exchange of information among the ANAF member countries; (c) to assist the private and public sectors to have quick and easy access to information required for decision making, both on specific technical matters and for the design and assessment of new aquaculture projects; and (d) to respond at the increasing public demand for up to date information concerning aquaculture at national and regional level.
The ANAF Web site has been designed applying the most up-to-date information technology and database management in accordance to international IT standards: i.e. the Open Source Content Management System TYPO3. The system is user-friendly as allows rapid data entry from the administrators and easy retrieval from end users.
The use of specific tool such as “white page” directories also allows easy creation of dedicated Web pages created upon request to provide outlooks on the emerging regional aquaculture issues.